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What is Jungian analysis?

Jungian analysis seeks to promote deep psychological growth to promote healing and well being rather than just symptom relief.  It involves looking backward to our past and childhood as well as looking forward to what psychological development is now called for within ourselves. Analysis is a creative process involving the use of symbols linking our conscious with our unconscious; symbols that arise in our daily lives as well as in dreams, fantasies and art.  We work to create a safe environment to allow individuals to confront their own inner conflict and pain.

Jungian analysis involves a minimum two year commitment involving frequent meetings. These sessions can start once or twice weekly and gradually moving to more frequently  (3-5 sessions per week) allowing us to go into greater depth.   

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy can help to understand how the experiences in our lives including childhood experiences can effect our emotional states as well as our thoughts and patterns of relating to ourselves and others.  Sometimes these effects can be complex and difficult to change despite our best efforts.  Through regular sessions with a trained practitioner, psychotherapy can help individuals to better understand and gain new perspectives about themselves allowing new patterns to develop.

Sessions are unstructured to allow us to explore any issue that is important to you, no matter how insignificant it may feel.   

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